Your contribution brings together communities, ecosystems and youth!

Other Ways you will help...

Consider giving time, expertise (especially accounting, equipment maintenance or insurance), equipment and sweat. Youth need everything from outdoor equipment like hiking boots, sleeping bags, skis, back packs, rain pants, tents, stoves, mountain bikes, etc., to tools, computers, scientific equipment, cameras and more. You probably have some gear that could get out. We can arrange for pick ups in the Puget Sound area or send donations and checks to:    
Glacier Peak Institute
 1405 Emens Ave N.
Darrington, WA 98241

Other electronic donation methods: Stripe/Paypal
If you prefer and have a Paypal account, click here:

We understand you may not have the time, gear or bandwidth in life at this time. You can simply follow Glacier Peak Institute on Facebook or Instagram. This lets us know you support the positive impact we are setting out to achieve, which some days we lose sight of as we develop curriculum, contemplate budgets, protocols and attempt to raise finances to continue our mission to empower youth and rural communities. 


Thank you! These programs only happen with your support!