White Chuck Pass

Our most recent trip with GPI was a day hike to White Chuck Pass. We met up in the morning at the Darrington library parking lot where there was another group of hikers preparing to hike up Glacier Peak. That group was led by Garret Madison, a famous hiker. It was very interesting listening to his stories of hikes he has been on, such as climbing Mount Everest.

After talking to him, we hopped in the van with OUR awesome hike leaders Oak, Emily, and Sam and drove up to the White Chuck trailhead. Upon arrival, we found a toad scrambling up the bank nearby. We identified it as a Western toad (I think). We started off at a good pace. The trail ranged over a lot of different terrain such as grassy meadows, boulder fields, and forests of fir and hemlock trees. Along the way we feasted on the wild blueberries that grew along the path. Everyone had blue tongues by the time we were done! A couple of hours later, we reached our final destination. It was a lookout point where we could see Mt. Pugh and Glacier Peak (I think) and a river in the valley far below. We ate our lunch there and enjoyed the gorgeous scenery. After lunch, we headed back down the mountain and stopped for a few more awesome views and blueberry munching. The whole experience was awesome and loads of fun.

- Eleanor P., GPI Press Agent