Hike and Bike to Snowy Gulch


For the first trip of the summer, Glacier Peak Institute went on a hike and bike to a basin below Whitehorse Mountain. Sadly, with the timeframe given, they did not reach the snow gulch. Luckily for GPI, it was only the leaders who were a little disappointed at not reaching the destination. The main feedback that the participants had at the end of the trip, was more food.


The excursion was more than just an adventure.  Along the way, the participants learned about how to go to the bathroom outdoors, logging tactics, water filtration, and invasive plant species, which they helped alleviate by having flower flights. The turn-around point was at Wellman Basin, where water bottles were refilled and energy was regained. Two girls who explored the creek found a perfectly square rock just below the surface of the water and in the middle of the current and called it "The Rock of Honor". Ciela, one of the girls who found the rock, stated that, "it was empowering to stand on the rock and feel the current push against my feet but not enough to budge me." The first trip was a success and hopefully it will be the same for the many more adventures to come.

- Christina L., GPI Intern