Rafting Down the Sauk River

With a big help from Orion River Rafting, Glacier Peak Institute was able to get youth out on the Sauk River from Whitechuck to Bachmann. All participants and raft guides prepared the gear so we could get on the water as soon as possible.

Before our stop for lunch about midway through our section, we already had a few swimmers and a raft got high-sided on a rock and almost flipped. Luckily for us, everyone acted fast on it and we continued on our way. Was a great excitement for us all and made for great stories and a good laugh. The one that swam the longest, Landen Brown, is a frequent participant who is an expressive teen, but when in the whitewater, his eyes were the size of watermelons and he quickly did everything he was asked of without a remark. It was hilarious to see his demeanor change the second he was back in the boat; talking as if it was an epic and fun experience.

It was a well needed break once we stopped for lunch. Great time to stretch our legs and feel solid ground after being in the raft for a few hours. You know we were working hard when the food quickly disappears and there are still people asking for seconds.

When we got back on the water, the guides informed us the frequent change the river goes through on a daily, almost hourly basis. When they first scouted the section of the river, some of the rocks were submerged which made they ride we had more technical in order to avoid the obstacles.

Throughout the entirety of the excursion, you would constantly hear shouts of excitement and thrill each time we hit a rapid and we would get splashed in the face. People in the front of the raft would take turns since that is the place you get the most wet.

Again, Glacier Peak Institute thanks Orion River Rafting for making this excursion happen and getting us all back in one place Could not have asked for a better day or better experience. Until next time.

-Christina L., GPI Intern