Floating Down the Sauk River

Thanks to Orion River Rafting and the Mencucci Family, Glacier Peak Institute was able to go round two on the Sauk River, but on a calmer section and with a bigger group of youth. We put in at Bachmann and went all the way to Bennetville Bridge.

There were a few class 2/3 rapids but very mild and with some big rocks. There was one section where the river had lowered and the only way through was to go over a massive rock. Some of the participants thought it was the craziest thing to go over the rock even though the guides mentioned later to each other how minor it was to them.

Throughout the float, there were some extremely calms sections and because of that, the guides allowed some of the participants to steer the raft. Some even went for a swim and hung off the side of the raft. Was great fun to see the youth practicing their rescuing skills by using their strength to pull their friends back into the raft. But we believe the most exciting part of the day, was the water fights. We had brought two water guns to fire at the other rafts and once it started, there was no stopping it. 

When we stopped for lunch, one raft conspired to steal the water guns and hide it from the others. Sadly for them, another participant found out and to keep it secret, they had to trade one of the guns. Capitalism at it's finest.

There was one point when two rafts would play bumper boats and youth would be hopping from raft to raft and the word traitor would be shouted here and there. In the end, it was an awesome time on the river that will never be forgotten. Even the guides could not explain the amount of fun they had just enjoying the excitement that flowed through the participants; they would laugh just because others were laughing.  All that matters was that everyone came back in one piece, and there were no frowns to be found. Thanks again to the Mencucci Family and Orion River Rafting for making the float possible.

-Christina L., GPI Intern