Mountain Biking on North Mountain

A great thank you to the Depart of Natural Resources, North Mountain Lookout, Mayor Dan Rankin, and many more, for putting so much time and effort in the creation of the mountain biking trails on North Mountain.

Glacier Peak Institute joined in on the grand opening of the trails at the bottom of the mountain. Right now, there are around 4 miles of trails, but by the end of the project, there will be over 11 miles total.  The thought that went into the building is spectacular.

There is a separation of the trails based on skill levels and it is clearly marked. There are trails for one-way traffic that increases safety for those who want to speed down the trails. There are even "do not enter" signs to make sure you know if its a one-way trail.

With a small group of four participants and four volunteers, Glacier Peak Institute was able to partner up and explore the trails. Some warmed up to mountain biking by familiarizing themselves with the beginner trails. Others tested their skills on some of the more advanced trails.

A memorable moment was when Cassius (a participant) was riding down a hilly track. One second you see him going over the jumps. The next second you see the trail heading left and Cassius heading right and sailing into the bushes. He was unharmed but did manage to land in a patch of stinging nettle. Even after a crash, he got back on his bike and went down a different trail.

We all had a great time both pushing our endurance on the uphill and testing our biking skills on the downhill. There was not one person who said they did not want to return. Again, we thank everyone who helped created this new area for outdoor recreation. We will definitely be back there soon.

-Christina L., GPI Intern