Rafting on the Skagit River!

We had two beautiful back-to-back days on the Skagit River! The temperatures were soaring above 90 degrees but the water was cool! Our float took us 10 miles down the Skagit River from the Goodell Creek Campground in a Class II/III white water section. The Skagit River is part of the National Wild and Scenic River System because of it's natural, cultural and recreational value. With the support from Seattle City Light, Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest and Orion River Rafting we were able to take over 40 youth for an unforgettable experience along this treasured river! 

For some this wasn't their first time rafting but maybe their first time floating the Skagit River; for others it was there first time rafting ever. Some of the inexperienced kids were showing some hesitation but the experienced youth stepped up and reassured others that this experience is safe and fun! Our professional volunteer guides took the lead on providing all the information on how to have a safe trip. Of course, before beginning our float we fed our growling stomachs with delicious sandwiches and fresh local fruit generously donated from the Mencucci Family.

During our float the kids took full advantage of any opportunity to jump out the rafts and cool off in the snow fed river. We'd even cool one another off by having splashing battles between our boats. Along the way we saw scenic views of the North Cascades, like Big Devil Peak! We also saw two avian species, Osprey and Great Blue Heron, that were curious about our presents but keeping their distance. Some of the kids said watching the birds and noticing differences in the birds flight ability and their interactions with the surrounding environment was the highlight of the trip. Next time we'll be taking some binoculars on our float!

Matthew M., Collaborative Intern USFS