Curriculum-Based Programming


Sauk River Park

GPI is working with Darrington High School and Middle School to design and implement Darrington’s first riverfront park along the wild and scenic Sauk River. Students will actively design the park plan, coordinate volunteers to help build it and create a budget, as part of this program. It will include a mentorship component where students learn to use GIS as part of design process. 

TimelineFall Semester: research and design, Spring Semester: continuation of design, implementation

 Building Monitor Systems

Learning about early warning preparation for natural disasters is an important and exceptionally personal concept to the Darrington community. GPI is helping students learn how to build monitoring systems suited for the local ecological environment (similar to what is currently being installed on the SR 530 landslide site). GPI coordinates with the Darrington Middle School in helping students develop and maintain monitoring systems that contain seismometer, soil moisture, humidity and temperature, with the option to charge either with wind or solar energy.

Timeline: Fall Semester: research, project design; Spring Semester: implementation

Fisheries Research Program

As part of the general STEM curriculum at the Darrington Middle School, GPI will work with students to study salmonoids, their habitat, and how humans impact their environment. This includes raising trout in the classroom and releasing them into a local farm pond. Following the release of the fish that they raise, they will learn about designing, and implementing, restoration projects associated with fish habitat.

Timeline: Fall Semester: research, raising trout; Spring Semester: design and implementation 

Bat Research & Conservation Program

GPI has developed an interpretative education program where students will research history, observe habitat, and identify various bat species within the region. This program includes students installing a bat camera on the side of the US Forest Service Mule Barn, where they will be monitoring a live feed of the bats. This will allow students to observe behavior and complete research reports on what they learn. They will also experiment with design in building bat houses and install in the forest. 

Timeline: Spring Semester: research and observation, design and implementation